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Antalya City TOUR

Image by Vlada


. Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off

. Licensed Tour Guide

. Lunch

. Skip the Line Tickets

 75 € 

   Per Person 

Reserve now & pay later 


. Explore where you need in short time
. Feel the history and nature of Antalya

. Learn from licenced tour guide
. Visit multiple places in a day 


Full Description

As you step out of your hotel, the bustling city of Antalya welcomes you with open arms. You're ready to explore the rich history and culture of this beautiful Turkish city, and you have a full day ahead of you. You're met by your licensed tour guide who will accompany you throughout your journey.

Your first stop is the Kaleici Old City, a charming and historic district that dates back to Roman times. The narrow streets are lined with beautiful Ottoman-era houses, boutique shops, and restaurants. As you wander through the alleys, your guide tells you stories of the city's past, including how it was once an important trading center for the Mediterranean.

Afterward, you make your way to the Hadrian Gate, a magnificent Roman monument that dates back to 130 AD. This beautiful archway was built to honor the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and still stands tall today, welcoming visitors to the city.

Next, you'll visit the Broken Minaret Mosque, which was once a Byzantine church before being converted into a mosque. As you approach, you can see the iconic minaret that is now partially destroyed, hence the name "Broken Minaret". Your guide tells you about the mosque's turbulent history and its importance as a symbol of Antalya's diverse cultural heritage.

Next, you'll visit the Düden Waterfall, one of Antalya's most beautiful natural wonders. As you approach the falls, you hear the sound of rushing water growing louder. Finally, you catch sight of the impressive cascade of water plummeting 40 meters into the Mediterranean Sea. You snap a few pictures to remember this stunning sight forever.

For lunch, you'll stop at a local restaurant, where you'll get to savor delicious Turkish cuisine.

Finally, you'll visit the Antalya Archaeological Museum, where you'll get to see thousands of ancient artifacts and learn about the city's rich history. You're amazed by the displays of pottery, jewelry, and statues from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

At the end of the day, you're filled with memories of a day well spent exploring the beauty and history of Antalya. You're grateful for your guide's expertise and for the chance to experience the city in such a meaningful way.

As you head back to your hotel, you reflect on the day and are already planning your next adventure in Antalya.

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