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Private Balat & Ayvansaray Tour

Image by mohammad majid


. Licensed Tour Guide

. Skip the Line Tickets

. Transportation


. Visit alternative places of Istanbul
. Take photos of colorful streets and houses
. Learn from licenced tour guide

. See meeting point of different religions.


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Full Description

 We will have a day that we can see different things  in every step. They will be more interesting with information of our professional tour guide. Our tour begins at the Tekfur Palace, built in the  Byzantine period and site of several important events in the history of the Byzantine Empire.

 From the palace, head to St. Mary Blachernae Church, one of the oldest and most important churches in Istanbul. This church was built in his 5th century and has played an important role in the city's religious and cultural history. Explore the beautiful architecture and works of art inside the church and hear stories of miracles and legends associated with it.

 After church, stroll through the charming streets of Balat and Ayvansaray along the Golden Horn. These neighborhoods are filled with colorful houses, bustling markets and friendly locals. Along the way, stop at the most interesting and picturesque places to learn about the history and culture of the region.

 From there, head to the Fener Stairs by following colorful shops and houses to stop for a coffee break.

 Our tour continues with a visit to the 19th century Bulgarian Churchone of the most unique and beautiful churches in Istanbul. Hear stories about the Bulgarian community that once thrived in the city and learn about its contributions to culture and history.


 Next, visit the Patriarchal Church of Fener, the official church of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. This magnificent structure is one of Istanbul's most important religious sites and contains many priceless works of art and artefacts. Learn about the history and importance of the church.

 Finally, visit the Zeyrek Mosque, which was once the Pantocrator Church. This impressive structure is a fine example of Byzantine architecture and is considered one of Istanbul's most important historical landmarks. Explore the mosque's intricate design and learn about its fascinating history.

Explore Istanbul's rich history and culture on a walking tour, traveling between different sights using public transport. 

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