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Uzungöl TOUR

The excursion will begin by departing from Trabzon city-center and making a stop at the famous Knife Shop for a brief rest. On the way to Uzungol, we will visit a Tea Factory where we will observe the techniques of tea production step-by-step with the guidance of an expert engineer. After enjoying a cup of tea, we will continue on our way to Uzungol. Upon arrival, we will first climb up the slope of Uzungol to see the beautiful artificial waterfalls and capture some stunning photographs. Afterward, we will have some free time to relax at a restaurant situated near the lake coastal. Next, it is time to explore the unique nature of Uzungol. Following our free time, we will begin our journey back to Trabzon with a stop at Tiled-Old-Wooden-Bridge for more photo opportunities.

Uzungöl Manzarası

40 € pp

Hidirnebi Highland - Cal Cave -  Sera Lake TOUR

We will convene in front of our agency for the tour at 10:00 am. Our initial destination will be the distinguished Hıdırnebi plateau, located at an altitude of roughly 1600 meters above sea level, providing an incredible panoramic view. Fresh air and fragrant flowers surround the plateau, generating a serene environment. We will have plenty of time to capture photos and discover the plateau at our leisure. Following our visit to Hıdırnebi, we will make our way to Çal Cave, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Trabzon and the second-largest cave in the world. Upon arrival, we will have the opportunity to explore this remarkable cave. Finally, we will travel to Sera Lake, where you may choose to rent a boat and relish in the calm waters. After some free time to explore Sera Lake, we will return to the city center


45 € pp

Ayder Highland TOUR

Our tour starts with meeting in front of the office at 9am. Our first stop will be the scenic Eskitogul Waterfalls in Rize where we will take pictures and enjoy a cup of tea. Next, we headed to  Rize Handicraft Shop where you can see the manufacturing process of Rize Fabric. As we continue our journey, you'll stop at a rafting center in the Firtina Valley, where we can enjoy activities such as rafting and ziplining. After a delicious lunch break, visit the spectacular waterfalls of Ayder for photo opportunities. Upon arrival in Ayder, give guests some free time to explore the area. On the way back to Trabzon, stop for photos at the historical Ottoman Bridge. After a beautiful day, we come back to the city center. 

Image by Huseyin Kaya

45 € pp

Ordu – Giresun Cablecar TOUR

Embark on a breathtaking journey with us as we explore the stunning landscapes of Giresun, Ordu, and Trabzon. Our adventure begins at 8:30 am in front of our agency, where we'll embark on a two-hour drive to our first stop: the magnificent Tirebolu Castle.

As we explore the castle, we'll take a tea break and capture stunning pictures of the surrounding landscape. Next, we'll venture to Giresun Castle, where we'll witness the beauty of the Topal Memorial grave and savor a delicious lunch at the castle restaurant. Take a moment to admire the breathtaking views of Giresun before we head to Ordu.

The highlight of our journey is the cable car ride to Boztepe, where we'll marvel at the stunning 2700-meter view of Ordu from an altitude of 570 meters. The view is simply breathtaking, and you'll want to capture it on camera to share with your friends and family.

Before returning to Trabzon, we'll visit the Sagra Sales store for chocolate lovers and the Görele Kemençe Museum (if it is open). Finally, our journey ends in the heart of Trabzon city center.

Join us on this incredible journey, and experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Giresun, Ordu, and Trabzon. Book your tour now and let us take you on a memorable adventure!


50 € pp

Giresun Blue Lake TOUR

After coming together at the agency, our group embarks on an unforgettable journey via our comfortable vehicle. Our first stop is at the Çavuşlu, locates on the outskirts of the Görele province in Giresun. We take a brief pause to savor a cup of tea before continuing our expedition towards the Dereli district, where we were thrilled to behold the magnificent Kuzalan waterfall, a natural wonder that leaves us awestruck. Moving on, we encounter yet another marvel of nature - Mavigöl - a breathtaking sight that had us all captivates. We stop at our restaurant for lunch. After the meal, we go up to Kümbet Plateau with an altitude of 1640 meters, which is about 5000 in population during the summer. After the free time on the Kümbet Plateau Here, we relish some leisure time before embarking on our journey back to Trabzon. Our adventure concludes as we arrive back at the agency, bidding each other farewell with unforgettable memories etched in our hearts.


50 € pp

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