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Terms & Conditions

  1. Acknowledgment of Booking Terms: By making a reservation with VECTO TRAVEL, the "Client" (referring to all individuals listed on the booking form who intend to travel with VECTO TRAVEL) acknowledges that they have read, understood, and accepted the following Booking Conditions. All Clients are required to familiarize themselves with these terms and conditions before confirming a booking. Confirmation of a booking occurs when VECTO TRAVEL provides written confirmation to the Client. The person signing the booking form on behalf of all individuals listed warrants that they have the authority to do so and that all individuals are fully aware of and comprehend these terms and conditions. The contract between the Client and VECTO TRAVEL, including any matters arising from it, is subject to Turkish Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turkish Courts. No employees or representatives of VECTO TRAVEL have the authority to modify, alter, or waive any of these terms and conditions unless such modifications are provided in writing and signed by the Director of VECTO TRAVEL. VECTO TRAVEL reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion without further explanation.

  2. Information and Pricing Policy: Prior to confirmation of a booking, VECTO TRAVEL reserves the right to adjust brochure prices due to circumstances beyond its control, such as changes related to governmental actions, transportation cost increases (including airfare and fuel costs), changes in dues, taxes, or fees for services (including landing taxes or airport embarkation/disembarkation fees), and increases in admission fees. Bank transfers are accepted as full payment according to the published rates. VECTO TRAVEL also reserves the right to modify facilities and services described in its publications and substitute alternative arrangements of comparable value without compensation. VECTO TRAVEL accepts no liability for any loss of enjoyment resulting from such changes.

  3. Visas and Documentation: Each traveler must possess a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining before expiration. It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain information regarding entry requirements and necessary visas for the countries they intend to visit.

  4. Tips and Taxes: Tips for guides, drivers, hotel staff, and other service providers are not included in the package costs and are solely at the discretion of the Client. Additional taxes, security charges, or fees imposed by governments, airports, airlines, and other entities are not included unless specifically stated as included features.

  5. Refunds: If VECTO TRAVEL is required to issue a refund to the Client, the refund amount will be calculated according to the conditions outlined in the Cancellation Section and considering evidence of exceptional circumstances. VECTO TRAVEL will not be responsible for any fees charged by the Client's bank for processing the credited amount.

  6. Minimum Number Products: Minimum Number Products refer to all Products that are not designated as Guaranteed Departure Products. If there are insufficient bookings for a Minimum Number Product, resulting in its cancellation, VECTO TRAVEL will notify the Client or the Client's Agent. In such cases, the Client will have the option, free of charge, to change to an alternative date or Product of comparable value, upgrade to another tour, or receive a full refund of all payments made. VECTO TRAVEL will make every effort to find a suitable alternative in such situations.

  7. Responsibilities and Liability:We, as VECTO TRAVEL, and our agents have a limited responsibility and liability. Our role is to act as agents for passengers, facilitating and organizing travel arrangements, including air, rail, motor coach, or other modes of transportation. We assume no responsibility for any defects, acts, or defaults of any company or individual involved in transportation or tour arrangements. We are not liable for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from acts of God, incidents at sea or in the air, fire, machinery breakdowns, acts of governments or authorities, declared or undeclared wars, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, or any other causes. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury, inconvenience, or other issues arising from or connected to the provided tour services. These services, such as  hotel accommodations, meals, and others, are furnished by independent third parties with whom we have no joint venture or direct relationship. Therefore, any inconveniences, losses, damages, or injuries related to these tour services are the sole responsibility of the traveler. Travelers waive any claims against VECTO TRAVEL for delays, inconveniences, damages, loss of property or baggage, or injury to or death of persons resulting from the acts or omissions of these third parties.

It is important to note that any airline or transportation company involved shall not be held responsible for any incidents, acts, or omissions that occur when passengers are not on board their respective aircraft or conveyances.

       We do not include certain items in our rates, such as room service charges, items not specified in the reserved menus for VECTO TRAVEL passengers, laundry, beverages (including alcoholic beverages), personal items, airport departure taxes, and any other items not explicitly mentioned in the package rate includes section.

       Please be aware that any changes in itinerary, carriers, modes of transport, hotel accommodations, or other services may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to modify any part of the itinerary or arrangements at any time.

       By making reservations or participating in our tours, each person acknowledges and agrees to all the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth herein. These terms and conditions are fully accepted upon receipt of any deposit payment for a confirmed travel package or service.


 8: Payment Schedule: We kindly request a deposit payment at the time of booking to secure your reservations. The deposit payment amounts to 35 % of the total amount. The remaining 65 % of the total amount is to be paid upon voucher and ticket collection.

      VECTO TRAVEL assumes no responsibility for any loss or additional expenses incurred by travelers due to delays or changes in schedule. Tour services, including but not limited to guide services, hotel accommodations, meals, and other services, are provided by independent third parties. These third parties are not acting on behalf of or in partnership with VECTO TRAVEL. Therefore, VECTO TRAVEL shall not be held liable or responsible for any inconvenience, loss, damage, or injury arising from or related to such tour services. This includes changes in hotel accommodations, food, baggage handling, tour guiding, or any other related matters. Travelers are solely responsible for any such losses or expenses. Each passenger waives any claims against VECTO TRAVEL for delays, inconveniences, damages, loss of property or baggage, or injury to or death of persons resulting from the acts or omissions of these third parties. Any airline or transportation company involved shall not be held responsible for any events, acts, or omissions that occur when passengers are not aboard their aircraft or conveyances.

      Any deposit received by VECTO TRAVEL for a confirmed travel package or service indicates full knowledge and acceptance of all terms and conditions. By making reservations or participating in tours, each person agrees to abide by all the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth herein.

VECTO TRAVEL reserves the right to change any part of the itinerary, carrier, aircraft or mode of transport, hotel accommodations, or any other service at any time due to circumstances beyond its control.

9. Cancellation Policy: Reservations can only be canceled by sending written notice via email to Vecto Travel. If such written notice is received before the arrival date or travel start date, Vecto Travel will accept the cancellation under the following conditions:

  • A 35% deposit is non-refundable for any reason of cancellation.

  • Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date or in case of no-show will not be refunded. In such cases, the total amount will be charged to your credit card.

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