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FD South Cappadocia Tour

Image by Tetiana Grypachevska


Air Conditioned Van 

. Licensed Tour Guide

. Hotel Pick up & Drop Off

. Lunch

 80 € 

   Per Person 

Reserve now & pay later 


. Explore another city of Turkey
. Access to popular attractions of the region
. Learn from professional / licenced tour guide
. Do not worry about navigating unfamiliar roads

Full Description

 In the mystical land of Cappadocia, we embark on a unforgattable journey that takes us through the hidden gems of this captivating region.


 Our adventure begins with the Derinkuyu Underground City that is one of the largest one in Cappadocia. As we walk into its depths, we discover a labyrinth of rooms, including stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, churches, and even wineries. It is a marvel to behold, and we marvel at the ingenuity of its creators. Currently, only 10% of the city  is open to visitors. We have one of the most interesting experience in the region.

 Continuing our expedition, we venture into the picturesque Ihlara Valley. As we trek through its breathtaking landscape, we are immersed in the history of early Christians who carved their homes and temples into the tuff formations. The Melendiz River, known as Ihlara in Turkish, accompanies us on this journey, its gentle currents whispering tales of the people who thrived in this idyllic setting. We explore the source of these circulating waters, contemplating the profound meaning of life that they symbolize. With each step, we unravel the stories etched in the rocks around us. The trek from Ihlara Vadisi to Belisirma fills our senses with wonder for approximately 2.5 hours, and from Belisirma to Selime, we continue our adventure for about 3 hours.

 After the exhilarating trek, we find ourselves in the charming village of Belisirma, where we are treated to a sumptuous lunch. After having lunch  with  beatutiful dishes to delectable desserts, we savor each bite, replenishing our energy for the rest of our Cappadocian exploration.

 Our next destination takes us to the outskirts of Goreme village, where Pigeon Valley unfolds before our eyes. The cliffs come alive with centuries-old pigeon houses intricately carved into the rocks. We learn of the ingenious farmers who harnessed the power of pigeon manure as a natural fertilizer, enriching the soil for their crops. The sight of these historic pigeon houses evokes a sense of awe and admiration for the resourcefulness of those who came before us.

 As the day unfolds, we find ourselves standing in awe before the magnificent Selime Monastery. This rock-cut structure leaves us breathless as we marvel at its vast kitchen and soaring chimney. The intricate church, encircled by a gallery, tells tales of faith and devotion. Stables with feeding troughs offer a glimpse into the troglodyte lifestyle of the inhabitants, transporting us to a bygone era. We can't help but imagine the bustling activity that once filled these hallowed halls.

 Our journey reaches its pinnacle at Goreme Esentepe, where we are rewarded with a panoramic view of the awe-inspiring landscape surrounding us. Time has sculpted the solidified lava streams, ash, and tuff stone into a mesmerizing lunar-like landscape. The fairy chimneys, with their diverse hues ranging from white and yellow to pink, grey, and black, stand as testaments to the forces of nature that have shaped this wonderland over thousands of years. We find ourselves lost in the beauty of this ever-changing canvas.

 Together, we will uncover the remaining treasures and embrace the captivating tales that await us in this land of wonders.

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