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. Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off

. Licensed Tour Guide

. Lunch

. Skip the Line Tickets

 145 € 

   Per Person 

Reserve now & pay later 


. Explore one of the most famous ancient cites of Turkey 
. Visit another beautiful city 

. Learn from licenced tour guide
. See
 replica of Troyan Horse


Full Description

  Get ready to step back in time with our Fully Guided Troy Tour from Istanbul! We'll begin early in the morning by picking you up from your hotel and driving towards the ancient city of Troy, located in the northwestern region of Turkey.


  Before the guided tour, we'll stop at a local restaurant for a delicious lunch featuring traditional Turkish cuisine and local specialties. 


  As we approach the site, our expert guide will share fascinating stories and legends about the city, setting the scene for an unforgettable journey through history.

  Our first stop will be the famous replica of Trojan Horse, a wooden structure that was said to have been used by the Greeks to infiltrate the city and win the Trojan Legend. We'll explore the area and learn about the various structures and landmarks that have been preserved.


  Next, we'll visit the impressive 3700-year-old city walls, which were said to be impenetrable during the time of the Troy. Our guide will provide insights into the history of the walls.

  We'll then visit the Sacrificial Altars, where ancient ceremonies and offerings were made to the gods. Our guide will provide historical context and share personal stories and anecdotes about the site.

  Afterwards, we'll explore the Houses of Troy I, dating back to 3000 B.C. - 2500 B.C., giving us a glimpse into the daily life of the people who lived there. We'll learn about their customs, traditions, and way of life. 

  Next, we will visit the Bouleuterium, the Senate Building of ancient Troy, where political and judicial matters were discussed and resolved. Our guide will provide insights into the governance of the city and the workings of the Senate.


  We will then explore the Odeon, the Concert Hall of ancient Troy, where music, poetry, and theatre performances were held. Our guide will provide historical context and share personal stories and anecdotes about the site.

  Finally, we will visit the area where current excavations are in progress, giving us a glimpse into the ongoing efforts to uncover new discoveries and insights into the history of Troy.


  After  exploring this legendary ancient city , We will head back to Istanbul, where we'll drop you off at your hotel.

Join us and discover the fascinating history of Troy !

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